Welcome to the #KMGLIFE!

The team at KMGLife Inc. is a passionate group of creative minds and musicians who use a wide array of talents to inspire and teach others. Their vision is to do everything in their power to Keep Music Going and to change lives in their community through the use of their recording studios, event center and recording arts school.

Greg Kimble founded his company in 2011 and has made a huge splash in the Colorado music scene. With top of the line studio gear and a talented team of fellow artists, KMGLife Inc. holds Colorado music and multimedia to a new standard. Virtually anything an artist would need help with musically and visually, they can take care of, including but not limited to production, writing, recording, mixing, mastering, full artist-development, photography, video services, press, promotion, social media management, live shows, graphic design, branding and more. KMGLife Inc. is all about making great music and media in every genre, so any style is welcome! With a knowledgeable team, high quality gear, industry sound, comfortable atmosphere, creative vibe and unbeatable prices, KMGLife Inc. has attracted a lot of attention from local artists and was originally known as the "studio created by musicians, for musicians."

KMGLife Inc. has now expanded into the education realm. KMG Academy offers individual lessons, group workshops and a year long Recording Arts and Business Program for aspiring audio engineers who wish to learn in a full functioning recording studio. Anyone interested in learning music business, beat production, audio recording, social media marketing, media, live lights, live sound and more, can do so in an environment and at a pace that fits their needs.

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“We thrive on challenging and inspiring students and musicians alike, allowing them to reach their untapped creative potential.” - Greg Kimble (President)

Keep Music Going!