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RVox: A Love Story

Searching through a long list of plug-ins for that special compressor to use? With a bevy of dynamic processors staring you down, it can be hard to make a decision. Manufacturers these days put a lot of emphasis into making their plug-ins look good. And I'll be honest, when I first laid eyes on RVox I wasn't impressed.

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The simplicity and utilitarian nature of RVox was lost on my inexperienced and impulsive mind. It took some time, but I fell in love with RVox. Now, if you open up any one of my sessions you'll probably find a half dozen of these babies.

What changed?

Certainly not the design or functionality of RVox. That will probably never change.

What changed is my approach. Instead of throwing plugins at problems I tried to fix them before they even hit Pro Tools. Instead of compressing everything I tried not compressing things (I know, crazy right?). All of a sudden, my decision making skills got better, and I started to look at effects that I had previously discounted. That's when my relationship with RVox got serious.

Now we go everywhere together. Not just vocals but bass, kicks, snares, guitars: RVox can handle it all. I've even grown fond of it's gate, cuz it's like, you'd don't have to do that RVox, but I appreciate that you can. RVox is a cheap date too (on CPU, that is) so you don't have to worry about running around with too many of them at once.

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If you haven't used RVox, what are you waiting for? Maybe it's not the right tool for everything but the lesson it's taught me is more valuable than its compression algorithm. I don't judge plugins by their looks anymore, and I'm better for it.



P.S. - I'm not going to use DreamVerb though, I mean, that thing is uuuugly.