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Everything you need to start working in the ever-changing recording industry. Our team of experienced professionals have crafted the most creative educational experience in audio!

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Ableton Live is quickly becoming the industry standard for electronic music production and performance. Keep up with the times and Keep Music Going!

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The FADE Program

Over the course of two months, students will learn the ins and outs of how to become a DJ and craft incredible sets that will rock dance floors for HOURS!

Fast Track Mind

KMG Academy's RAD Program is an intensive and unique six-month program designed prepare you to work in the music industry. Our new way of learning puts you behind the wheel and in charge of the accelerator!


Hands On Day One

We all know the best way to learn is hands on, so why do other schools make you wait so long before you get to use the gear? We don't know either, so we created a school. 


No Typical School

We pride ourselves in keeping our curriculum nimble, tip-toeing on the cutting edge while remaining anchored in classical recording principles. That being said, we know all the tips, tricks, secrets, and hacks that you can't find in any book.

Best In The Game

Not only have our world-class instructors been there and done that, they are there and they are currently doing that. We still maintain and operate as a commercial recording facility because we can, we love it, and we love the idea of having a place for our students to work once they graduate. 

Knobs Not All

You're more than just a knob tweaker, you just don't know it yet. Branding yourself and learning concepts specific to the music industry will give you the edge over the competition. Did we mention this industry is full of competition?

Resources Galore

We're here for you with the sole mission to Keep Music Going, so while you're enrolled you will have access to our studios to work on your personal music, building your client list, whatever you need. Larger schools simply can't match the level of care we give each individual student.


 ABLETON Certified Training Center 

One of only 17 in the entire country, we're proud to support Ableton Live users and to keep music going. Hosting Ableton sanctioned events, meet-ups, and user groups in addition to our curriculum, we provide lifeblood to the creative community while keeping our finger on the pulse of the music scene.

 The New Production Standard 

Ableton Live is the new production standard because you simply can do so much with it. But don't confuse it's extreme flexibility with over-complexity. It's not to be feared, it's to be harnessed. Let us help you.

KMGLife Inc. - Ableton Cetifed Training Center


DJing is more popular than ever. Whether you've just made an iTunes playlist or you've already headlined a club, the FADE program can take your disc-jockeying skills to the next level!

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