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RAD Program


The Recording Arts Development (RAD) Program is designed to pack the maximum amount of audio education in the least amount of time. By focusing on real-world situations and cutting-edge technology, our hands on education system has created a learning experience that is unmatched by typical audio education avenues. The program consists of 6 PHASES that give the students deep insight into the audio recording industry!

Enrollment is Bi-Monthly.

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1 - Signal Flow

2 - Vocal Recording, Editing, and Mixing

3 - Instrumental Recording & Microphone Techniques

4 - Advanced Mixing Concepts

5 - Music Production in Pro Tools

6 - Final Project

Phase 1

Signal flow

This phase teaches you how to navigate the Pro Tools user interface and how to route signal within the DAW. You will also learn the basics of signal flow through analog gear such as audio interfaces, speakers, preamps, and D.I. boxes.

Phase 2

Vocal Recording, Editing & Mixing

This phase is designed to teach you the basics of recording and mixing vocals in Pro Tools.

Phase 3

Instrumental Recording & Microphone Techniques

In this phase you will learn about the different types of microphones. You will learn when, where, and how to use these microphones, as well as applying this new knowledge to recording guitars, basses, and drum kits.

Phase 4

Advanced Mixing Concepts

In this phase you will learn advanced mixing techniques, such as EQing your effects, when to use different types of compression, stereo imaging, automation, and warping audio.

Phase 5

Music Production in Pro Tools

This phase teaches you how to produce your own music using Pro Tools. You will learn how MIDI works, music theory, and sound design.

Phase 6

Final Project

This phase puts your skills to the test. You will bring in a band and complete a song from start to finish. This includes recording, mixing, and mastering


Multiple times a year we offer trips to music industry events, recording studio tours, and masterclasses from engineers who aren't necessarily in our city. These enriching experiences promote networking skills and will expose you to new new gear, techniques, and friendships.


On the first Monday of every month, the KMG Event Center is host to Boulder's most eclectic Open Mic Night. Our students enjoy helping out with a real-world production while simultaneously discovering new, local artists. *This event has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.


Zack Markle

Drew Dugan

Robert Gedelian

Dan Pope


Greg Kimble

Cayla Kimble

Zack Markle

Ashley Kisner

Mitch Zonnefeld

KMG Academy Boulder Campus

  • 3063 Sterling Cir. #2
  • Boulder, CO 80301

Program Structure

  • 6 Months
  • Bi-Monthly Enrollment
  • 2 Classes/week , 2 Hours/class
  • Exam/Practical Grading


  • Ages 17+
  • Macbook Pro
  • Pro Tools


  • Classe365 Learning Management Software
  • Study Materials
  • Manage Student Progress

Boulder Campus Hours

  • Campus Hours
  • 10:00am-9:30pm
  • Open Office Hours
  • KMG Academy offers its students additional weekly time outside of class to review covered material with an Instructor from their respective program.




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