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AMP Program


KMG Academy is proud to be one of only 21 Ableton Certified Training Centers in the US. Ableton Music Production (AMP) Program is designed to take students with no experience with Ableton Live or audio production and train them in all aspects of the software. The Push 2 will be integrated into lessons throughout the course.

The course is split into six phases: Workflow, Songwriting, Intro to Sound Design, Advanced Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering, and DJ/Live Performance. Each phase focuses on a different part of music production with Live.

Enrollment is Bi-Monthly.




PHASE 1: Basic Ableton Live Workflow

PHASE 2: Songwriting & Arrangement

PHASE 3: Intro to Synthesis/Sound Design

PHASE 4: Advanced Synthesis/Sound Design

PHASE 5: Mixing & Mastering

PHASE 6: DJ & Live Performance

Phase 1

Basic Ableton Live Workflow

Building an effective workflow is an essential part of becoming fluent in Ableton Live. In this phase, students will learn how to create, record and edit both audio and MIDI, as well as how to take their ideas and expand them into complete arrangements. By the end of the phase, students will understand the entire process of creating a song from start to finish with Live.

Phase 2

Songwriting and Arrangement

In Phase 2, students will take the concepts learned in level one and begin to apply some basic music theory to their productions. While Phase 1 emphasizes the technical aspects of using Live, Phase 2 revolves around the creative end. Learning how to create rhythms, melodies, and chord progressions will be essential in creating an engaging track.

Phase 3

Intro to Synthesis/Sound Design

Phase 3 is devoted entirely to the understanding of how to build custom sounds with all the instrument devices that come with Live. Students will also learn how to properly use all of the effect devices made by Ableton to enhance their sounds. By the end of the class, students will have a strong library of sounds that they have built themselves ready to use in any of their songs.

Phase 4

Advanced Synthesis/Sound Design

In this phase students will learn more about how to apply the sound design knowledge they learned in Phase 3 and apply it to creating specific kinds of sounds to fit their creative voice.

Phase 5

Mixing and Mastering

During Phase 5, students will learn about how to take their completed songs and use techniques such as EQ, compression, and panning to create professional quality sounding mixes. Once the tracks are mixed, students will also learn how to master the tracks themselves using both Ableton’s devices as well as third party software by companies such as Izotope.

Phase 6

DJ and Live Performance

The first part of Phase 6 will focus on how to build a DJ template for performing the student’s original tracks as well as mixing them with tracks by their favorite artists. This will include warping whole songs, building racks, MIDI mapping effects, choosing the right MIDI controller, and mixing techniques. In the second half of the phase, students will develop their own custom live performance setup based on their individual needs and goals.


Multiple times a year we offer trips to music industry events, recording studio tours, and masterclasses from engineers who aren't necessarily in our city. These enriching experiences promote networking skills and will expose you to new new gear, techniques, and friendships.


Once a month on the third Tuesday our AMP Students get together to further their musical experience. From collaborating on tracks to participating in production challenges, these collectives are a great opportunity for our students to network and expand their horizons. *This event has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.


Robert Levere

Drew Dugan

Derek Nyquist


Greg Kimble

Cayla Kimble

Mitch Zonnefeld




Program Structure

  • 6 Months
  • Bi-Monthly Enrollment
  • 2 Classes/week , 1:50 Hours/class
  • Project Grading


  • Age 17+
  • Macbook Pro/Laptop
  • Ableton Live Software
  • Headphones


  • Classe365 Learning Management Software
  • Study Materials
  • Manage Student Progress

KMG Academy Locations


  • 875 Kalamath St.
  • Denver, CO 80204

Open Office Hours

  • Campus Hours
  • 10:00am-9:30pm
  • Open Office Hours
  • KMG Academy offers its students additional weekly time outside of class to review covered material with an Instructor from their respective program. *Currently via Zoom.

Program Pricing

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