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What exactly is an expander on a channel strip or within a gate?

Most of us in the field of audio and its many facets, whether it be as a professional or amateur, have experience using a noise-gate. Where there is a noise-gate, there is usually an “Expander.” What even is an Expander? Obviously, it is a process that “expands” . . . but I plan to dig in deeper in order to shed some light on expanders and moreover, the practical...

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Engineering for a talented, successful, artistic band is the coveted job for most audio engineers. The audio engineers that don’t like recording bands either don't have the patience for all of the set up or would prefer not to deal with a lead guitarist who has to spend three hours dialing in his tone. And you can't blame a person for not wanting to deal with a ‘Spinal Tap’ like situation in real life. Those who do have the patience and the...

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Brett Favre, in partnership with KMG Media, announced today the premiere of the documentary "Shocked: A Hidden Factor in the Sports Concussion Crisis." The documentary short, where Brett serves as Executive Producer, will premiere on the new 24/7 multiplatform sports network, Stadium, on Jan. 11 at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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Editor's Note: We're doing a new series here called "The Plug" where some of our guys give their favorite digital effects. The great part about this is that all of these effects are covered in the KMG Academy RAAB Program curriculum and available for anyone working at home. Sure an LA-2A sounds great but you can't always have that with you in your backpack. Everyone is always looking to Jeff Tanner for mix advice, so I knew I had to ask him...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: In 2018, Ableton is releasing Ableton Live 10: the first large-scale update to their software franchise since 2013. We're excited to say the least, but among the most excited is our resident physicist/Ableton-Beta-Tester Cory Goldsmith. All of these topics are covered in the KMG Academy AMP Program so if you're enrolled, Cory would love to answer any questions you might have. We asked him to give us the rundown on his favorite...

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Over the years I have studied the works of great film composers such as Danny Elfman, James Horner, Thomas Newman and more. I find that a lot of my inspiration to create any genre of music stems from film music and the emotions it pulls out of me. Modern film composers have also had their influences, such as Bernard Herrmann.

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Searching through a long list of plug-ins for that special compressor to use? With a bevy of dynamic processors staring you down, it can be hard to make a decision. Manufacturers these days put a lot of emphasis into making their plug-ins look good. And I'll be honest, when I first laid eyes on RVox I wasn't impressed.


This week's edition of Featured Gear is about a favorite: the Leslie Loudspeaker. The Loudspeaker is useable by electric or electronic instruments and combines an amplifier and loudspeaker that rotates to change the sound. The effect that is created is known as the "chorale" or "tremolo" and is commonly associated with the organ (specifically the Hammond organ) though it has been used for other instruments such as guitar.

The speaker is...

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KMGLife® Inc. is happy to announce the arrival of the SSL Duality console! On Monday the KMG Team loaded it in and set it up in Studio A. Ain't she a beauty?!

KMG Academy s‍tudents and staff alike are looking forward to getting their hands on this board and also tracking the many talented bands and artists they work with.

Call to see how you can get your music mixed on the Duality today! (720) 250-9020


From Channel 7 News in Denver, c‍heck out a sneak peak of the big session at KMGLife® Inc. last weekend! The KMG crew and a host of local musicians came out to re-record the famous track "We Are The World" in a massive joint effort to raise money for the families and victims of the Las Vegas trajedy. The song will be released in coming weeks so stay tuned!

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Everything you need to start working in the ever-changing recording industry. Our team of experienced professionals have crafted the most creative educational experience in audio!

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Ableton Live is quickly becoming the industry standard for electronic music production and performance. Keep up with the times and Keep Music Going!

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Training at KMG Academy has adapted in every way possible to provide the best learning experience in-person AND at home! That being said, we want to make training even more accessible to those who want to get a little extra learning accomplished online.